How to Save Money on Diapers by Creating a Stockpile

How to Save Money on Diapers by Creating a Stockpile

According to, the average cost of diapers for a baby’s first two years is about $1,500. However, if you create a diaper stockpile, you can get away with only paying around $800 for diapers. You could save around $700 or more just by following these seven tips to save money on diapers and create the perfect diaper stockpile.

Save Money on Diapers

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Know how many diapers you need

One of the most important steps to creating a good diaper stockpile is learning how many diapers of each size you will need. If you buy too few diapers, you will have to pay full price when you run out, but if you buy too many diapers, you will be spending more money than needed. However, some stores may let you return a package for a different size. While the number of diapers used in each size will be different for every child, I have created a list of the average number of diapers needed for each size based on the suggestions of many other online articles.

  • Newborn – 2 Jumbo Packs
  • Size 1 – 14 Jumbo Packs
  • Size 2 – 13 Jumbo Packs
  • Size 3 – 35 Jumbo Packs
  • Size 4 – 40 Jumbo Packs

Know what to pay

To save money on diapers you need to be able to spot which deals are good. The price you should pay for diapers will change depending on the diaper size and how many are in the package. Generally, you want to figure out how much the diapers cost per diaper rather than per package. Bellow is my cheat sheet on what you should pay for diapers and wipes.

Diaper Stock-up Prices

Where to buy diapers

Usually, dollar stores and drug stores have the best deals on diapers. Consider shopping at stores like Dollar General, CVS, and Walgreens for their sale prices and reward programs. Superstores like Walmart and Target are the next best option to consider when looking for diaper sales in store.

Save money on diapers by using Amazon

Amazon often runs decent sales on diapers that can be paired with many extra savings programs. You can save 20% on diapers just by being an Amazon Prime Family member. You can even get a 30 day trial of Amazon Family for free. Furthermore, selecting subscribe and save can earn you an extra 5% off your diaper purchase. Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription afterward if you do not want to receive the diapers monthly. You can also apply digital coupons to your Amazon purchases to increase your savings even more. Some of the Cheapest diapers can be bought using this method without even having to go to the store.

Coupons help you save money on diapers

Look for diaper coupons to pair with store sales. You can find coupons in your local paper or at,,, and If you spot diaper coupons that are for $2.00 to $3.00 off 1 Jumbo package of diapers print them right away because they are the highest value coupons you can get.

Claim rebates

Use rebates apps such as Ibotta and Checkout 51 to get cash back on many of your diaper purchases. You can use Ebates for cash back if you are shopping online instead of in store. If you purchase Huggies or Pampers don’t forget to use their reward programs as well.

Stay ahead

It is almost impossible for a mom to stay on top of a diaper stockpile due to how fast diapers are used. Start stocking up early and do not forget to buy the next size up.

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