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Becoming a stay at home mom and homemaker with a bachelor’s degree can seem like a waste of an education. However, my goal is to use that education and my personal experiences to make life as a parent more practical for myself and others. My name is Samantha and holding a degree in family and consumer sciences has given me the knowledge I need to become an overqualified family former. I have studied the subjects of child development, family relations, family resource management, consumer education, foods, and nutrition.

My Home

Maternity PhotoWith only one income, I keep my household practical by practicing frugality and couponing. My thrifty lifestyle allows me to be home to care for my family instead of having to leave for work. Furthermore, I can spend my spare time cooking, cleaning, and organizing my home. I am a bit of a clean freak, therefore, having a tidy living space keeps me relaxed.

My Family

I am married to a hard-working man, and together we have a puppy. Currently, We are preparing for our first child to join us in July. I am excited to apply the education I have obtained to my role as a new mom. The process of becoming pregnant has been difficult for my husband and me, and we expect that becoming a parent will be no different. I have chosen to be a stay at home mom when my son is born to watch him grow. Overall, I feel I will be better able to positively impact my child’s life and form a strong family bond by staying at home.

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My Blog

I enjoy discovering new ideas from blogs and websites, but I often find this information to be too complicated. Life is difficult enough without time-consuming recipes, expensive product recommendations, and unrealistic parenting advice. Therefore, the aim of is to share helpful and simple advice I have gathered about parenting, pregnancy, homemaking, organization, recipes, frugality, and couponing. Join me on my journey to forming a family as I attempt to be the best mother and wife I can be.

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