7 Practical Products you need for Pregnancy

7 Practical Products you Need for Pregnancy

You will not need as many products for your pregnancy as you will for your new baby. However, there are still a few practical products you need for pregnancy. These products make being pregnant much more manageable.

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Comforting products you need for pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard on every woman’s body, but some women have it worse than others. My pregnancy is a somewhat complicated one. I am always uncomfortable, and I seem to get problems like back pain, nausea, and heartburn earlier, longer, and more severely than usual. Because of these problems, I am always seeking new ways to cope with pregnancy pains. Through my experience there are a few products that I have found can provide comfort to even the most uncomfortable pregnancies.

  • Boppy Pregnancy PillowPregnancy pillow – Getting a good pregnancy pillow is essential in the first trimester. It will assist with training you to lay on your side which you should do to increase blood flow to the baby. Furthermore, having a pillow between your legs will help relieve back pain. I have had this Boppy pregnancy pillow through my whole pregnancy, and I don’t think I could manage without it.
  • Nexium – Durning my second trimester I ate tums constantly for my acid reflux, and they rarely helped. I asked my doctor what else I could do, and he told me I could use Nexium. After starting Nexium heartburn was no longer a problem for me. If you want to try Nexium for your heartburn make sure you ask your doctor first, just because mine suggested it does not mean that yours will.
  • Heating pad – In addition to my pregnancy pillow, I also use a heating pad to ease my back pain. While heating pads were previously discouraged for use by pregnant women, they are no longer seen as harmful since they do not raise your internal body temperature. However, If you are still concerned about the negative effects of using one you can apply it only to your back on a low setting for short periods of time.

Clothing products you need for pregnancy

You can wait until you just can’t squeeze into anything anymore or you can buy clothing now in a bigger size, so you have room to grow. Either way, you will need maternity clothes eventually.

  • Medela Nursing Sleep BraSupportive bras – You can start by getting a sports bra in the next size up. However, I suggest you only start with one or two at first and buy more as you grow out of them (because you will grow out of them). I purchased at least one new bra each trimester. You also want to invest in a comfortable nursing sleep bra around the second trimester. My favorite bra is this Medela Nursing Sleep Bra. These bras help support your uncomfortably big chest without having to wear an actual bra. Furthermore, you will need a sleep bra to put your nursing pads in. Nursing Sleep bras will also be helpful after the baby is born if you plan on breastfeeding. However, you may want to get one of these bras in a larger size, so it will still fit when your milk comes in.
  • Reusable Nursing PadsNursing pads – While most people wait to get nursing pads until the baby is born, it only takes one time waking up with dried crusty milk on your chest to realize you need them. I started leaking at the beginning of my third trimester and invested in these Reusable Nursing Pads.
  • Maternity shirts – You will need a few maternity shirts to keep your growing belly covered. I suggested investing in at least five shirts. These clothes do not have to be expensive. I found my favorite ones at and the Goodwill. Be sure to keep all your shirts after delivery because you will need them until your belly goes down.
  • Maternity pants – on the same note as maternity shirts, you will need some maternity pants. Consider what the weather will be like in your third trimester when buying pants. You would hate to have to buy shorts in your last trimester that you will only wear for a month or two. While there are many different styles of maternity pants, I like the full panel ones because they have the most coverage and stay in place best. I have also found these clothing items for rather cheap at the Goodwill and You will want to keep these pants for postpartum as well.

Investing in these seven essentials products you need for pregnancy can make a difference in your comfort for nine months. Are there any products you found to be helpful in your pregnancy? Please leave a comment If I left out any important products for pregnancy.

Practical Products you Need for Pregnancy


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