May Income Report

May Income Report: 1st Month’s Blogging Income

How much does a beginner blogger actually make in the first month of blogging? Well, May 2017 has been my first full month of blogging. Forming Family is only six weeks old. As a new blog, I don’t have much to report. However, I am still writing monthly income and traffic reports to document how my website grows. Furthermore, I wanted to give others an idea of a realistic 1st month’s blogging income.

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Over the past month I have received 246 pageviews. The majority of these sessions have been acquired from Pinterest.

1st Month’s Blogging Income

Curently, I have four sources of income set up for Forming Family. This month I have made $0.13 from all sources combined. While this isn’t a high return, It is very encouraging to see that I have earned something from my first month of blogging.

Google AdSense: $0.13

Amazon Associates: $0.00

Ibotta Referrals: $0.00

ShareASale: $0.00

Total: $0.13

June Goals

I have several practical goals to implement in June to increase blog traffic and income.

  • Post regular content – while I am already doing this I have missed one or two posts. In June I hope to be consistent enough to not miss any scheduled posts.
  • Increase Pinterest activity – I have been using Pinterest to promote my posts. However, I have not been as active on Pinterest as I need to be. I am hoping that an increase in Pinterest activity will increase the number of pinners my content reaches.
  • Generate one sale – I plan to generate at lease one sale through Amazon Associates within the month of June. Due to the Amazon Associates policy, you must generate your first sale within 180 days of being accepted into the program. Therefore, I hope to accomplish this in June to get it out of the way.

1st Month's Blogging Income


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